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Our Team

Dimartech is a dynamic company that brings together a team of highly experienced craftsmen, welders, draftsmen and designers, with the drive and expertise of its president, John Di Marzio (P.Eng., M.Eng). The resulting synergy gives Dimartech the edge in creating the most specialized industrial equipment.

Qualifications and Welding Processes

Certifications and Welding Processes

Our quality control manual is regularly reviewed and audited jointly by the jurisdiction’s authorized inspection agency and ASME auditor.

Fabrication Facility

Located in Montreal, Canada, Dimartech custom-manufactures and designs steel equipment for industrial processes.

Four (4) overhead cranes supply a total lifting capacity of 30 tons in the east bay, 12 tons in the west bay and with 25' clearance under the crane. There are also jib cranes located at each assembly station.

With our automated Submerged Arc Welding tower, our welding thickness capabilities are near limitless with respect to any international company requirements. Turning roll capacities are in excess of 160 tons for cylindrical shells.

Our fabrication supply chain allows us to provide unlimited options for the demanding global market with regards to NDE testing, stress relieving, machining, painting, passivation, and freight logistics.

Dimartech has the necessary qualifications and is licenced for approval of engineering drawings/design for the following provinces. We can also provide any licencing across the globe with our qualified partners.

Dimartech comes through for you: your design and custom-manufactured projects delivered on time and on budget.Contact Us