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Dimartech engineers and manufactures custom industrial process equipment from pressure vessels to air separators to reactor vessels.
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A process equipment engineer and fabricator you can trust

When you work with Dimartech, you get the peace of mind of working with an experienced and certified fabricator that eliminates the uncertainty from enquiry to delivery with your project.

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Dimartech has developed proprietary fabrication techniques while manufacturing columns above 30ft in length, ensuring precision alignment in the field.

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Large Scale Industrial Process Equipment

Since 2000, Dimartech has been designing and fabricating custom process equipment for leading companies in clean energy, air separation and chemicals processing with a high degree of precision.

Certifications and Welding Processes

ASME Certification
Engineers of Ontario
ING Quebec
The CLIENT required a pressure vessel manufacturer to design and build seven (7) primary and secondary separator pressure vessels in SS304L stainless steel. Girth flanges allow for safe and complete access for commissioning and maintenance purposes for the plant personnel.
Pressure Swing Adsorption is a chemical separation process in which a mixture of gases is passed through a bed of adsorbent media at high pressure. The CLIENT required a pressure vessel manufacturer to construct a set of multiple adsorbent vessels.
The CLIENT needed a fabricator to build a standalone modular unit for repeatability and efficiency to prepare their entry into the market. Their prototype model had evolved over time, and the challenge lies in establishing manufacturing tolerances and dimensions to improve on welding sequences.
The City of Edmonton Municipal Waste Management Facility invested in CLIENT'S innovative technology to transform municipal solid waste to produce renewable methanol and ethanol. They needed a pressure vessel manufacturer to design, build and warrantee a vertical Steam Stripper Column.

Pre-Fabrication Analysis Plan

01. Schedule a Call

We start with a detailed review of your exact specifications and the problem you want to solve

02. Engineer & Fabricate

Then, we work with you to design and fabricate a custom solution that meets your expectations.

03. Delivery Custom-built

Finally, you get a process equipment delivered ahead of your schedule.

The engineer and fabricator firm trusted by successful Purchasing Managers

At Dimartech, we know you want to be a successful purchasing manager that confidently leads the procurement of custom-built process equipment for your company.

To do that, you need an experienced and reliable fabricator that you can trust to build a custom process equipment on time and on budget.

The problem is, you need to find the right fabricator with the credibility and proven track record of building and delivering custom process equipment on-time, which makes you feel under pressure, as the wrong selection could cost your reputation and delivery of the project.