Dimartech is the trusted partner for engineering and fabrication of custom industrial process equipment by leading OEMs and clients across a vast variety of industries.


Due to the rugged nature of the mining and aggregates industries, reliable and robust equipment is needed to handle abrasive, corrosive and compacting environments.

Rotary kilns and dryers, rotary calciners, rotary cooler disk mixers, slurry mixers, and air separators.


Environment Compliance Management

  • Fuel Storage Tank Install, Modification & Withdrawal (SOR/2008-197)
  • Halocarbon containing equipment (SOR/2003-289)
  • Hazardous Materials Storage & Disposal (SOR/88-66 & SOR/2001-286)
  • Hazardous Waste Storage & Disposal (R.R.O. 1990 Reg. 347 & SOR/2001-286)
  • PCB containing equipment (SOR/2008-273)

Environmental Site Assessment (O. Reg. 153/04) – Phase I, Phase II, Phase III

Waste Audits and Waste Reduction Work Plans (O.Reg 102/94)


Dimartech’s exceptional design-engineering and project management team has the ability to meet the technically demanding equipment required for today’s evolving energy industry, including petrochemical, renewables or gas turbine energy sectors.


The aerospace industry is a constantly evolving and demanding sector, where high performance is required and where there is no room for error.

Dimartech is a solid partner when you need components for use in aircraft engine testing. With our high level of expertise in welding and dimensional accuracy, we deliver high-tolerance parts for the aerospace industry.

Each of our precision-machined and fabricated components is backed by our ironclad reputation.


Hydrology research facilities within university graduate student laboratories required a complete turnkey solution for a custom built Shallow Flume (design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and training for users).

40 feet long water containment flume with 1-ply tempered glass supported on a custom-built support structure with 2-way mechanical tilting. Piping, instrumentation and electrical work complete the scope of supply.

Internal baffles diverge the water flow and specifically adapted cameras record the water flow movement and record varying degrees of laminar and turbulent flows for graduate student research.

Trusted by leading OEMs

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Large-scale industrial process equipment, engineered and fabricated with precision.

Certifications and Welding Processes

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Pre-Fabrication Analysis Plan

01. Schedule a Call

We start with a detailed review of your exact specifications and the problem you want to solve

02. Engineer & Fabricate

Then, we work with you to design and fabricate a custom solution that meets your expectations.

03. Delivery Custom-built​

Finally, you get a custom process equipment delivered on-site in time of your delivery schedule.