Industrial process equipment
The CLIENT required a pressure vessel manufacturer to design and build seven (7) primary and secondary separator pressure vessels in SS304L stainless steel. Girth flanges allow for safe and complete access for commissioning and maintenance purposes for the plant personnel.
Pressure Swing Adsorption is a chemical separation process in which a mixture of gases is passed through a bed of adsorbent media at high pressure. The CLIENT required a pressure vessel manufacturer to construct a set of multiple adsorbent vessels.
The CLIENT needed a fabricator to build a standalone modular unit for repeatability and efficiency to prepare their entry into the market. Their prototype model had evolved over time, and the challenge lies in establishing manufacturing tolerances and dimensions to improve on welding sequences.
The City of Edmonton Municipal Waste Management Facility invested in CLIENT'S innovative technology to transform municipal solid waste to produce renewable methanol and ethanol. They needed a pressure vessel manufacturer to design, build and warrantee a vertical Steam Stripper Column.
The CLIENT designs pumping equipment and water columns (fully submerged vertical tubes also called suction cans) for water treatment facilities. They needed a fabricator to manufacture to precise tolerances for alignment along the entire vertical length.
This Tower Vessel (84’’ diameter x 120’’ high) was successfully designed, manufactured, tested and delivered to the copper refining facility, and has been in constant operation for over 2 years, thereby ensuring the plant engineers with a proven performance